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Bah you kissed me :iconhyenakay-archive:HyenaKay-Archive 19 0 Goodnight :iconthewardenx3:TheWardenX3 1,992 283 Why The Hell Not :icontoastygoodness:ToastyGoodness 301 33 ZADR-ZADF - wont let you sink :iconzimplusdib:ZimPLUSDib 639 252 HELP ME!!! :iconthetogekiss:TheTogekiss 163 23 Moth's Priorities :iconladylaguna:ladylaguna 135 48 ZADR--Victory _page 1_ :iconangelnocturne:AngelNocturne 322 24 [DunChris] Hey, Juvie... :iconthewardenx3:TheWardenX3 182 17 Invader Zim: Conqueror of Nightmare Page 23 :iconblhite:Blhite 243 77 - IZ :iconuppertorso:uppertorso 462 93 Happy Halloween!! :iconkibalulu:kibalulu 46 15
ZADR The Tale of Mini-Dib
Dib was running to Zim's house as fast as his legs could carry him. He was running from the skool bully, Tourque Smacky. When he ran into the yard of his alien friends house, he was shot by one of the knomes. 'Shit! I forgot to disable them this morning. I hope Zim put in the right type of ray in them.' Dib thought, he closed his eyes then opened them to find everything big or giant.
'Zim is going to kill me.' Dib thought, 'but why would he? Oh wait he wouldnt kill me, the giant bully in front of me might!' he looked at the giant Torque. Torque didn't see Dib, only a small black bug. Which was Dib, he tried to kill it but before he could step on Dib, another knome shot him and shrunk him down. Instead of a giant bully, he was now an ant-bully. He saw Dib, "Dib you little piece of shit what did you do to me!?!" he screamed then charged for Dib, but not making contact because a bird got to him, before he got to Dib. "Curse you Diiibba!" He screamed before he was no longer seen. "fweew...
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Eres solo mio (ZaDr) :iconkgbunn:KGBunn 63 14 Zim's such a tease :iconinamura:Inamura 311 199
ZADR And A Touch Of Madness
Zim shivered, hugging his backpack to his thin framed back. Dammit dammit dammit! Why now? Of all the times...why did the passenorgla have to occur NOW? During skool?! He thought it wasn't scheduled till the middle of summer! He was sooo messed up...he couldn't miss more of skool or he'd take off. He began walking past that oh too familiar human and he had wide panicked eyes as the black hair of his newly created messy wig hid his eyes somewhat. He began walking quickly past the human and his sibling, feeling nervous and scared for some reason.
Dib noticed Zim's shivering and immediately concluded that Zim was momentarily weakened by something, which also meant that he wouldn't hold up very well in a fight!
The lanky teen suddenly lunged at his alien foe, tackling him down and straddling his waist. Dib's thin hands tightened their grip around Zim's wrists, holding them high above the skinny alien's head. "You're done for, alien SCUM!!!!!"
He began screaming out fearfully," RAPE!! RAAAA
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